The Importance of Mindset for HR Tech Founders

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HR Tech Founders -when selling your product to HR buyers, positive mindset is as important as great processes

As I visit and work with HR tech organisations you’d think it’s their business processes that distinguish their ability to succeed or not. How good is their sales process? Is product management done well? Do they have efficient and effective product development procedures?

In a way they do. What I mean is that these are hygiene factors. These business critical processes need to be good. Anything less and there are going to be problems. But why are two HR tech companies with equally good process execution, in the same market and with great products performing so differently?

There is something intangible but fundamentally important, and that is the overall mindset of the organisation.
In sport this is so clear. Two similar soccer teams with multi-million pound teams line up to play and who wins? Invariably the one with the most positive mindset. The one that has confidence in their ability, that likes to play together, that has ambition, that has something to offer their fans that’s attractive and different, that believes they can win.

With HR Tech it’s the same. The positive mindset of wanting to solve the problems of your clients and knowing that you can is critical. Your business is not about having a great product – it’s about providing a great solution. Because your solution will in all likelihood affect employees this is doubly important.
And the HR tech team’s that believe that, and carry through that belief into the way they action their business processes are the HR tech teams that win. Prospects and clients identify with their positive beliefs and want to be part of your success story.

Therefore HR Tech founders have the absolutely critical role of setting the attitudinal baseline of their organisation. They are at the top, it’s their company, product and team. They must set a positive example and spread that throughout their organisation, clients and prospects if they want their concept to be commercially successful.

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