HR Technology Founders – How can your platform support our new way of working?

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It’s only been a few weeks but it’s clear that the world of work will be very different moving forward. Even after this immediate crisis is over, employers will be thinking about how they can change their working practices, some of which may become permanent.

From an HR Technology Founder’s point of view, I’m sure there will be two things uppermost in your mind.

Firstly, how can I support businesses, employees and the wider community during this period, through the benefits my platform brings?

Secondly, how can I maintain the stability and growth of my business? You may have had sales prospects pulling deals, and current clients challenging why they should renew as they look to cut costs. Your sales pipeline may have just dried up. What are the opportunities for you to maintain, and even grow, revenue?

I’d encourage you to think outside the box and consider how your technology platform can be used to deal with some of the challenges. This is a time for clear, focused and agile thought. Here are some examples of themes that we are seeing increased attention from employers on:

  • Distributed workforce management – how can we work more effectively when away from our normal office environment?
  • Individual wellbeing, mentoring and development – how can we help employees who need support during times of uncertainty?
  • Remote working effectiveness and efficiency – how can we ensure our employees are able to work easily and with minimum unnecessary time overhead?
  • Rapid recruitment– for organisations needing to recruit quickly to respond to demand (e.g. health and hygiene product manufacturing and logistics), how can we do this in a way that’s as efficient and automated a possible?
  • Redundancy and outplacement – for organisations needing to downsize, what support can we offer to those we are laying off?

If your platform proposition can support one or more these employer imperatives then I would encourage you to reach out to existing clients and new prospects with a clear message of how you can help.



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