Practical Insight to Move Your
Business to the Next Level

Navigate your way through the HR and Talent Tech buyer market to increase sales and improve client retention

HR and Talent Tech is a growing but increasingly crowded market. New products are popping up every day. For HR and Talent Technology founders, owner and leaders, this means you are having to fight for every customer dollar.
We help you position your product to align with your target market. We help you define the best proposition to attract customers. We put together pricing and commercial models that reflect the value your clients are getting, and significantly improve your business results. We help you build sustainable successful sales and customer success teams.
We work with top talent, recruitment and HR leaders to understand what they need and where they are heading. We then use this insight to sculpt the business plans and operations of HR and Talent technology organisations focusing them on offering the right commercial propositions to the right customers.


Supporting HR Tech and Talent companies to grow rapidly and sustainably

  • More sales
  • Having the most efficient and effective sales operation
  • More client renewals
  • Strategies to ensure you keep your clients, that they consistently renew and spend more with you
  • More recurring revenue
  • Structuring your pricing and commercials such that you get the most from every client relationship
  • More attractive to investors/acquirers
  • Demonstrate market dominance and a proven system for growth